4-Wire resistance meter

Part list I dug out of my e-mail


Exported from RMEAS1.sch at 11/19/2010 11:32:20 AM

EAGLE Version 5.8.0 Copyright (c) 1988-2010 CadSoft

Part Value Device Package Library Sheet

C1 C-USC0805 C0805 resistor 1
C2 C-USC0805 C0805 resistor 1
C3 C-USC0805 C0805 resistor 1
C4 C-USC0805 C0805 resistor 1
C5 C-USC0805 C0805 resistor 1
C6 C-USC0805 C0805 resistor 1
IC1 7805TV 7805TV TO220V linear 1
JP1 PINHD-1X2 1X02 pinhead 1
JP2 PINHD-1X3 1X03 pinhead 1
JP3 PINHD-1X1 1X01 pinhead 1
JP4 PINHD-1X1 1X01 pinhead 1
JP5 PINHD-1X1 1X01 pinhead 1
JP6 PINHD-1X1 1X01 pinhead 1
PWR 22-23-2021 22-23-2021 22-23-2021 con-molex 1
R1 R-US_R0805 R0805 resistor 1
R2 R-US_R0805 R0805 resistor 1
U$1 LT3092 LT3092 SOT223 user_rhea 1
U$2 LR LR LR user_rhea 1
U$3 INA128 INA128 SOIC user_rhea 1
U$4 TLE2425 TLE2425 TO92 user_rhea 1
U$5 BNC BNC BNC user_rhea 1
U$6 LT1634 LT1634 TO92 user_rhea 1


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