Purpose of this blog

Hi guys,

I don’t have much time these days, nor do I know how to use wordpress, but I wanted to set up a dumping ground for all the gritty details that went into the liquid metals project, mostly for the readers who want to know how it was done, and how they might build something similar.

Sadly I don’t have any pictures of our 1st setup prototype, which was completely home made with the exception of the micropositioning stage which we borrowed.

If you have any questions about the project or want certain details posted, shoot me an e-mail at caladd2@ncsu.edu.


Setup and Custom Board

setup2 Setup And Custom 4-wire board


A slide showing the custom 4-wire ohmeter board we made and a picture of our setup (Second prototype). It’s a repurposed 3 axis micropositioning stage for optics, a OEM syringe pump and a microscope objective zip tied to a webcam CCD.

4-Wire resistance meter

Part list I dug out of my e-mail


Exported from RMEAS1.sch at 11/19/2010 11:32:20 AM

EAGLE Version 5.8.0 Copyright (c) 1988-2010 CadSoft

Part Value Device Package Library Sheet

C1 C-USC0805 C0805 resistor 1
C2 C-USC0805 C0805 resistor 1
C3 C-USC0805 C0805 resistor 1
C4 C-USC0805 C0805 resistor 1
C5 C-USC0805 C0805 resistor 1
C6 C-USC0805 C0805 resistor 1
IC1 7805TV 7805TV TO220V linear 1
JP1 PINHD-1X2 1X02 pinhead 1
JP2 PINHD-1X3 1X03 pinhead 1
JP3 PINHD-1X1 1X01 pinhead 1
JP4 PINHD-1X1 1X01 pinhead 1
JP5 PINHD-1X1 1X01 pinhead 1
JP6 PINHD-1X1 1X01 pinhead 1
PWR 22-23-2021 22-23-2021 22-23-2021 con-molex 1
R1 R-US_R0805 R0805 resistor 1
R2 R-US_R0805 R0805 resistor 1
U$1 LT3092 LT3092 SOT223 user_rhea 1
U$2 LR LR LR user_rhea 1
U$3 INA128 INA128 SOIC user_rhea 1
U$4 TLE2425 TLE2425 TO92 user_rhea 1
U$5 BNC BNC BNC user_rhea 1
U$6 LT1634 LT1634 TO92 user_rhea 1